Toll Processing Services

Fine / Ultra-Fine Powder Grinding, Blending, Flash Drying, Screening & ClassificationFluid Energy provides a wide range of capabilities in toll powder processing including grinding, blending, flash drying, particle classifying and separation. Fluid Energy is uniquely positioned to process material ranging from course to fine and ultra-fine materials to your exact specifications. Our powder processing plant offers over 20 processing stations with a diverse array of equipment for powder processing applications. Regardless of your specific needs, Fluid Energy will find a solution and provide you with superior customer service.

We maintain archives of hundreds of thousands of materials tested and processed which gives us a significant advantage in finding the most cost-effective solution for a particular application. Fluid Energy’s Powder Processing Services Division is your single-source supplier because we maintain complete in-house responsibility for the processing and packing of your product.

Coarse to Fine Grinding, Crushing & Pulverizing – Our powder grinding plant offers a variety of crushing, pulverizing and coarse grinding methods. Within this micronization facility we can handle large raw feeds down to powders and we can customize our processes to maximize or minimize the production of fine material. In addition, a wide variety of screens are kept in inventory ranging from a top size of 4 mesh to finer screen sizes such 325 mesh or finer.

Fine / Ultra Fine Grinding

  • Particle Sizing
  • Particle Classifying
  • Drying / Deagglomerating
  • Blending
  • Screening
  • Packaging


Fluid Energy designs and sells the same equipment it uses in its Hatfield Powder Processing Plant.

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